The Idea

As mentioned before, the idea came about through a conversation with my boss in regards to a possible design study for a project we were working on. It was great timing as I also trying to think of a final design project and thought this concept would be interesting to explore and more amazing if I could do it.

So what’s the idea I hear you ask? Well it’s based on brick patterns. Not just decorative patterns that look good, but designs that have a meaning and relate to the context of site and the function of the building. As I have a limited time to realise this project I have put the same constraints on the design which were on the project that first brought about the idea. They are

  • Located on an educational campus
  • New building split into 3 sections with 1 section being brick
  • Function of the brick section is a lecture theatre
  • Must reference the 2 types of brick existing on site: cream and red

Some thoughts that already spring to mind are

  • Opportunities to introduce 1 or 2 new brick types
  • How to articulate penetrations such as windows and doors?
  • Needs a strong narrative or clear meaning or why do it at all?
  • How do you create that meaning into code and rules?

Hmm I have a lot of research and thinking to do.


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