Project Brief – Urban

For the next 16 weeks I will be working on trying to design and implement a projection mapping project with an urban theme. The first project meeting will occur next week so I will have a better understanding of what’s involved and how I might achieve in realising my goals. Howeverm in the mean time, the project brief is below.

Projection Mapping at New Acton

In this project we will begin with a specific urban site, in the New Acton precinct. The outcome of the project will be a set of site-specific digital projection works – a platform for digital intervention, reflection, augmentation or ornamentation. In between these two defined points – site and outcome – are a range of possible ideas and approaches. Key questions include:

  • How can we apply digital techniques to create engaging interventions in a specific urban space?
  • How can digital techniques address the multiple dimensions of urban space, form and experience – historical, social, cultural, aesthetic, architectural, etc?
  • How can digital interventions respond richly to a specific site?
  • What is the potential for on-site responsiveness and interaction?

With cooperation from The Molonglo Group, we will have access to specific New Acton sites and spaces. Our challenge will be to design and realise site-specific projection works culminating in a short-term exhibition at the end of semester.


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