NewActon Site Visit

As you enter the foyer from Marcus Clarke Street, through the tall glass doors, you come to a slightly ramped open space. Like a pause before you adventure further in, I took my time to evaluate the space. My first impressions of the foyer were that it was long, narrow with a high ceiling. While quite dimly lit during the day, the two glass entries allow for the natural light to spill through the space and create an open feeling. The materials mirror the outside with the use of stainless steel, concrete, glass, marble tiles and corten steel. The overall colour scheme is tones of grey with the north wall clad with corten steel being the only contrasting splash of colour within the space.

As you start to walk through the foyer towards the courtyard beyond, you are forced to either wander through the large concrete columns and rectangular seating or off to the side and up the ramp where the barrier seems to grow out of the ground and extends through the foyer into the open. There are two paintings that hang on the south wall and two sculptures located at either entry. This artwork together with the very sculptural base building reinforces the idea that NewActon is a cultural precinct. The mix also makes the space intimate while not feeling over crowed with stuff.


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