Urban Update

Since last post, I have combined forces and partnered up with Nathan for this project.  We decided to work in collaboration as we are both interested in using the box seating for our projection mapping and in creating an interactive scheme. The concept of bring the seating to life and being pet substitutes for the apartment residents is what we decided to continue to explore, but now with two heads instead of one.

At our first meeting together we noted down a few things we needed to figure out to get the ball rolling.

  • How to make them interactive? Nathan is interested in Kenetic, so decided to look into that a bit further and I am to look into Bluetooth and Twitter.
  • What do they look like? Still undecided but we are both going to have a think about it over the next couple of weeks.
  • Site visit? We thought it would be a good idea to go for a site visit and do some projection testing just to check whether the project is feasible and the surface is suitable.
  • Tamagotchi? During our discussion, the concept of a Tamagotchi popped into our heads. Would it be possible to interact at different levels; feed, pat, play, discipline, care, sleep, toilet?

Nathan’s blog can be found here http://traditum.posterous.com/tag/digitaldesignurban


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