Projector Testing

Today Nathan and I went to site and did some projection testing. We used paint to create different colour files that we could then project onto the seating surface. We took photos to record which colours were successful and found as expected the lighter colours showed up more. As we did the testing around 5:30-6pm and it was still daylight savings it was still pretty light outside so the colours did not show at their full brightness.

Some issue that came about during this testing were:

  • As we were using a standard home type projector it didn’t have a wide field of view. As we couldn’t go any higher than arms length above our heads the projector wasn’t able to hit more than one box without the shadow of another box interfering, however we were able to shine light onto 3 sides of one box convincingly. Therefore, we decided that if we wanted to use 2 boxes we would need to source 2 projectors.
  • Finding the right location for the projector/projectors was also a little tricky. The first spot we trialled was just behind the first column and projecting at a downwards angle to the first box. We realised we had to move quite a bit back from the column to hit 3 sides which created a problem about how we would manage to securely setup of the laptop and projector so that it wouldn’t interfere with path of travel or get knocked down. We found that a set up from this location protruded too much into the foyer space for our liking. However, it was close to the only power point.
  • The second location was closer to the residential lobby and tucked into a nook at the bottom on the ramp. From this location we could easily set up two projectors beside each other shining onto two separate boxes without getting in the way of the circulation. However, depending on the angle of downward light, people walking pass might interfere with the stream as they walk pass. This got us on to thinking about how we would arrange the whole set up and milk crates came to mind. Lots of milk crates and tape.

At the end, we were pretty happy that we had the basic idea of how the technical side would all come together, we just need to start on the programming bits and pieces. Things to do before our next visit would be;

  • Source another projector
  • Find some milk crates
  • Set up a basic Keystone Processing sketch to test out

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