Skin vs Container??

So since the site visit things have been progressing. I was able to source another projector from my work so using two boxes should be doable. This means we could have one laptop for both projectors or two laptops linked to a projector each.

As for the overall concept, we have decided to use Twitter as our data source and the way users can interact with the creatures. The idea is that each box would be its own “creature” and from there it interacts with users as well as its partner. We also tossed up the idea about having faces which could show emotion to express when users interact with it. Also adding a few eyes to random object immediately bring about the idea of it having a face and therefore people with start to think the boxes as living things rather than boxes.


  • How does a user know when their message has been received? Maybe the message can be displayed for a moment and/or the creature sends a tweet back. It will need to be pretty instant as people will only hang around for a little while before getting bored and moving on. Will need to look into creating two Twitter accounts.
  • What’s the default state when there is no interaction? Not sure at the moment, but if there happens to be not much going on, maybe the creature talk to each other or they sent tweets out to get a response.
  • Will the boxes be a canvas for the skin on the creature or a container that holds multiple creatures inside? Eg Nokia Friends v Zizi the affectionate couch After a bit on thinking, Nathan I decided that we would use the boxes as a canvas for the creature’s skin. I believe this in more in theme of my original idea to bring the boxes alive, as if we used them as a container, why would we need to use more than one surface.
  • How do the creatures interact with each other? Ideas were that they would talk to each other via Twitter or if one creature noticed that the other was getting more interaction it could do something.
  • Graphic concepts as to what the creatures look like? Nothing defined yet but ideas are using colour to represent feelings and emotion, use of faces to reflect personality, somehow integrating Twitter feeds to inform a skin either as visual text or abstract patterns and display certain tweets.

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