The pointy end…

So 9 days until the big event. Gah! Up until now, I’ve been thinking about the bigger picture and potential ideas, but as the exhibition grows near its time to buckle down and get it up and running. At the moment we have all these bits and pieces and now is the time to simplify and bring them all together.

  • simplify emotion ranges and face (see diagram)
  • originally we were going to have the face on the corner of the box spread over two planes, however for ease we decided to keep it to just one plane
  • while people aren’t interacting with the creatures it will stream tweets containing the word “pet” to create it’s skin
  • as rapid feedback is essential, uses tweets will stand out within the skin pattern
  • we also named the creatures based on the new apartment building being constructed next door – PPLumo & PPKami.

    Emotiona Flow Diagram


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