Last Project Meeting

Things are coming together, a little slower than we had hoped for but still confident it will be finished by Thursday.

A few decisions we have during the last week.

– there will be different modes which both creatures will scroll through at different stages. Based on a timer there will be 4 modes:

  1. Vertical scroll tweets coloured based on variables such as hash tags, @ symbol, if directed at the creature etc
  2.  Using the above modes but instead of display text it will be a colour gradient. Also, as to not blind people with all the colours of the rainbow, we decide to have colour themes for each creature so to distinguish them as separate entities. The colours we chose were blue and green. We also made their eyes to match.
  3. Still using the Twitter as the data source and “pet” as the keyword, the third mode was based on this example. We called it the cloud mode and it displays whatever the next work after “pet” is with in the streaming tweets.
  4. Again, using the same idea as mode 3 but displaying it differently. This mode was just display the word “pet” and then one at a time displayed the next word after it.

Our idea is to have the timing down that as one box display one mode, the other would be showing the corresponding mode. Eg. Box 1 mode 1 = Box 2 mode 2 or Box 1 mode 3 = Box 2 mode 4 and vice versa.

These pattern modes would work independently to the faces. See post previous for break down of faces.

Nathan also was able to knock up a project statement for the flyers. This will be the main way users will know they can interact. If we had thought about it a bit better and had enough time we could have been built up the creature’s network and had users tweet from anywhere rather than the people at the exhibition. Statement can be found here.


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