24 Hour Countdown

The last push. After the late night last night and a semi early morning today, we nearly have the sketch working to a standard we are happy with. However, there is one minor issue which is annoying me and taking up most of my time. The faces aren’t working the way I want. I’m pretty sure it’s some small glitch in my coding as I think I went down a roundabout route, however it’s too late to change it how.

Faces over the top of faces

How I wanted the faces to work was that after a certain distance a certain tweet would travel the face would change depending if it got a tweet directed at it, or at the other creature or there was no interaction. However, it the issue that keeps coming up is that one face would draw over the face before it. Not a big issue if the face  had a background colour, but as we wanted the skin pattern to wrap behind the face and along the side the faces had a transparent background. Hence the messed up face.


In the end, I had to strip it back so that the sketch could only handle processing one tweet directed at it or a the other creature at one time.  

Not ideal but due to the exhibition being tonight don’t really have any option. So the when a creature receives a tweet it will display a change in emotion and only reset to the default face when the tweet has gone off the edge of the box and deleted.

Once that was sorted it was time to head to NewActon to start setting up.

By the time we got there, most of the class had started setting up with a few already done. So we had to get our skates on.

As suggested we set up two projectors/laptop areas directing each to a separate box. We also was sharing the boxes with Daniel so a bit of coordination was needed there but by the end of the night we had the swap over going seamlessly.

One issue that did come up why setting up was that one of the modes wasn’t displaying as clearly as on screen. Therefore we decided to turn mode 4 off altogether and just run the other 3 modes. It did mean there was a over lap of both boxes showing the same thing, but as they were different colours it wasn’t noticeable. There also seem to be a lag, not too big a issue but as the night progressed it did mean that when someone tweeted it took about 10-15 seconds for the creature to react.


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