When I look back on this semester I feel pretty happy with what I was able to achieve, especially after taking a break last year and not doing any coding at all. In terms of the project I believe some of the main themes were upheld throughout the process (eg bring to life the boxes) while some did get a little lost (eg relating to the specific site). While the outcome didn’t have all the ideas that I would have liked to implement, the end product worked well and users were able to understand and interact.

One huge turning point in the process was joining forces with Nathan to realise the project. I don’t think I would have been able to get the project as well resolved than if I did it by myself. This was an advantage as working in a group we were able to bounce ideas off each. Some weeks we did fall behind but every time we meet up we were able to note down individual goals which we could work on by ourselves and then bring it back together. This way of working was effective for this project, as there were many little parts that needed to be researched and understood before we combine them.

Some weakness in the our process was that we did have some weeks, as mentioned above, where we did fall behind on what we planned on doing. In hindsight if we had been able to push ourselves during those weeks we might of been able to have a more resolved outcome or at least more time to work on the coding side of things. Even though the outcome as a whole worked well on the night, I think if we were able to have more time it could have been better in terms of interaction with users, as we were only able to get basic emotions in place. Also if we had more time we could have built up the Twitter following for Lumo and Kami so that there was more tweets directed at them than just the people who came to the exhibition and me frantically tweeting when nothing was happening. This also bring me to the point that maybe when there was no interaction there could in a more noticeable change with the creatures on top of the changing faces to draw people in to see what’s happening.

Overall, I enjoyed this project greatly. I think having an end goal like the exhibition was a great way to push the class to create something amazing. Personally, I didn’t think I would get there but I did and proud at what I achieved.


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