Digital Design Final Project Take 2

What to do? I have 16 weeks to research, develop, refine and produce an independent project. The brief mentions it can be in any form but I must completely realise the project within the time frame and constraints below

  • address relevant contemporary practices and contexts
  • reflect personal interests and strengths
  • provide an opportunity to develop and consolidate existing skills, knowledge and interests

As per the heading of the post, this will be my second attempt and completing this unit. I tried previously last year, but just didn’t have the time to finish/ even really start it. But this time I’m focused and ready to work hard.

Like last time thinking of an idea is always the hardest part. Should I do something to do with my profession – architecture? Hmm, I’m not convinced. I am a graduate architect but I’m not 100% sure if being an architect (based on whether I pass an exam and interview plus 2 years of relevant work experience) is what I want to be.

My real passion at the moment, and has been for a while, is my sport, roller derby. I love playing it, but I also like looking at strategy and statistics. Being a home team captain for the last two years has made my brain tick in a different way than just being a skater. It’s probably the nerd in me, but I like to sit down and watch footage while also deciphering game stats. You’re probably thinking, what sort of stats and really? Yes really. Quite a lot of Ā statistics are recorded for every game or “bout” and from this information skater/ team effectiveness can be determined, problem penalty areas, periods where the game play switched for the better or worse and also what team combos worked and which ones failed completely. All helpful information if you want to become better. I feel that breaking down the stats potentially holds a resource of untapped data waiting to be used. Have I found my data source?


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