WFTDA Stats Book

As mentioned in the previous post my league skates under the WFTDA rule set. While we aren’t a member of this association we use the same rules and statistic procedures. However, my league’s stats gathering is a little less detailed then the form below as we do ours by hand and then scan for record. For this project, I do plan on inputting my data into the WFTDA format just for consistency plus it has extra sheets that summaries the data.

Here you can download the current stats book for 2013. But basically the information gathered in this book is

  • Team rosters *
  • Scores *
  • Penalties *
  • Line ups *
  • Expulsion/suspension form
  • Bout summary
  • Penalty summary
  • Official reviews
  • Actions
  • Errors
  • Bout clock
  • Penalty box
  • White boards
  • Dual trackers
  • Not on track score
  • Credits

* My league currently uses


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