Sport and Digital Design

Questions I asked myself while trying to figure out my concept.
  • How to incorporate roller derby and digital design? Statistics.
  • What do I want to do with the stats? Make them more readable to a wider audience and try and find patterns in the information.
  • What do the stats tell you?  Team points, lead jammer, number of passes, who’s on the track, penalties.
  • What’s the final outcome to be? I’ve always wanted to get something printed at Shapeways. I tried once but my model I uploaded was too thin so wasn’t able to be made. Hopefully, this time round it will be different. At the moment I’m thinking I would really like to make some jewellery, but could change on how I decide to interporate the data.
  • Idea? Use the stats to create a data visualisation of a roller derby bout and turn it into a piece of jewellery. I would like to be able to identify an individual skater within the piece so that the wearer can track the influence that skater had on the game. I’ve been thinking about using patterns in nature as inspiration for the design. I have always been attracted to organic looking objects for example Nervous Systems works.

Vessel Pendant by Nervous System

  • How might you go about realising this project? I have created a timetable based on how long it would take to get something printed at Shapeways for final presentation and worked back from there. I will also be using this blog as away to track my process and ideas.
  • Why have I chosen this idea? I decided to combine things that interest me and create something that would look attractive but also be a different way of interpreting the data. Also I like the idea of getting an overview of how an individual skater played.



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