New Direction??

A little confession, I’m pretty addicted to Pinterest. I like looking at it for recipe ideas, fitness inspiration and recently data visualisations and digital design. While browsing the pins, I came across this interesting project that got me thinking about my own project. It links two things that are very present in my everyday life – sport and my iPad.. I’m pretty obsessed with both as I pretty much live and breathe roller derby and I wouldn’t be able to survive without my iPad, it organises my chaotic life.

Season in Review by Teehan + Lax Labs
Being big baseball fans, the idea was to create a memento/story of a season using statistics which combined a data sculpture, an iPad and interaction. They used the acrylic and a laser cutter to cut out team statistic graphs that then sat in slot in an iPad cover. The cover would then be placed over the iPad and the light of the iPad was used as the illumination for interaction.

Baseball Stats Are Converted Into An Interactive iPad Sculpture
By Kevin Holmes – July 24 2013

Could this be a new direction for me using roller derby stats? Rather than creating something abstract (nature inspired jewellery) maybe actually using the stats as tool to understand the game and individual teams would be more appropriate. As a coach I would be interested to find the outcomes of using the information in this way. Having an element of sculpture would also satisfy my need to make something physical and attractive. Hmm, need to think about this more.


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