Initial thoughts

As mentioned in the previous post I am interested in exploring a few different ideas but in general I think it’s the environmental impacts of food and waste individuals have in their everyday lives that I would like to explore most. For the past couple of years I have been trying to eat and live healthier as I am quite active with the gym and playing sport and I want to get the most out of my body.

What I’ve seen during this time is the increase in the promotion of the fitness industry and an increase range of “healthier” and “organic” foods in big chain supermarkets. For example in the early days you could only purchase plain rice cakes or corn cakes but now they have wholegrain rice with quinoa or wild rice and seeds, just to name a few. Also eating habits like “clean eating” and “paleo diet” are becoming common place.

Only last week my sister was working on her uni assessment which was a ethical consumerism. To help her out, I was her test person for a questionnaire/ interview she would preform on members of the public. What I found out about myself was that while I do make healthy choices when it comes to food, my choices are generally based on cost affordability then anything else. While I do see the signs for locally produced or organic I haven’t really taken notice or understood how my choices have an overall effect not just on my health but also effects local, national and even international sustainability.

How can I help reduce and prevent food wastage, live sustainably and create awareness of food security? For my project I hope to able able to address some of these issues.


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