Interesting links

The great global food gap: Interesting photo gallery which depicts what 30 families around the world buy for their weekly food budget.

Closing the Hunger Gap: Good site for food security resources and links.

Wasted Food:  A blog by Jonathan Bloom about about why we waste food, why it matters and what we can do about it.

Say no to food waste: A list of studies carried out on food waste.

Learn the Facts About Food Waste in America: Infographic example.

21 Inspiring Initiatives Working to Reduce Food Waste Around the World: A list of 21 organisation undertaking initiatives to help prevent food waste around the world.

Love Food Hate Waste: A great website with information, recipes and tips for reduce food waste.

Eat.Think.Save: A great resource for reports on sustainability and food waste as well as infographics and tips on how to change your habits.


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