Sourcing the bag

The issues I came across trying to source bags
– minimum order of wholesale bags are 100 units and the cost for that many was too high for my budget
– the styles were limited. If I wanted to stick with designing for shopping/ grocery bags there are a lot of options out there
– the material also narrowed down my options
– time frame to get the bags – needed to make sure I could get them in short amount of time

The Winnie Circle Bag by Bang Consortium

Winnie Circle Bag

Who am I buying it from?
Bang Consortium is an Australian company created by five Sydney mothers who wanted to offer consumers ethically produced products at affordable prices. They were influenced by fair trade producers in Bangladesh, environmental sustainability and helping women and children in the developing world.

“Why BANG? We chose BANG to brand our products for its link with BANGladesh, and for what we would like the letters themselves to stand for – Building A New Generation of socially and environmentally aware consumers and retailers. We also hope that our products and the principles of fair trade and environmental sustainability that they embody would create a BANG with retailers and consumers alike, and that our products receive the respect that the artisans who make them deserve.” (1)

Where and who makes it?
Bang Consortium bags are designed in Australia but produced by their fair trade NGO partner BRAC-Aarong in Bangladesh. BRAC are able to produce large scale quantities in a fair trade manufacturing environment.

Why Bangladesh?
While the bags will be shipped from Bangladesh adding to transport energy consumption, BANG state that because Bangladesh is one of the biggest exports of raw jute there is less distance and waste of energy resources to manufacture locally and then ship straight from the factory to buyers rather than export the raw material to Australia to produce and then re-export it to buyers around the world.

How long will the bag last?
Jute does not have as long a life cycle as some of the other materials (unless laminated or chemically treated) it does have the advantage that it is 100% bio-degradable and compostable. Therefore, once the bag is no longer usable to carry items it can benefit you in the garden. Under appropriate condition they can degrade in about 2-3 months.


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