Connect locally Part One

So as mentioned in my proposal I was planning to meet up with a researcher, Bethaney Turner, from the Food Sustainability research cluster at the University, to possibly get more information relative to Australia and Canberra to help inform my project. Lucky enough for me, I was able to contact her last week and set a date for today. Having not really narrowed down concept since the proposal I went into the meeting with a pretty open mind. The result of the meeting was very informative as we talked about a whole variety of topics based around food waste, food security, local food sustainability etc.

Two ideas that we discussed, which really stood out to me, was the concept of eating seasonally and buying locally and how that then influences things like

  • food waste
  • reduces food miles and therefore environmental pollution and our carbon footprint
  • supports the local economy
  • creates community between the growers and customers
  • reduces food cost ie higher supply = lower food cost
  • better quality and taste vs ‘prefect’ looking food

How this will be reflected into my bags I’m still trying to figure out but at least I have started to refine my project. Bethaney also mentioned that she has been talking to the Southside & Northside Farmers markets organiser and maybe we should connect. I thought this was a great idea since it was originally the Northside Farmers market’s bag that sparked my project, not sure what extactly we can do for each other but gathering as much infomation as possible seems like a win 🙂


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