Connect locally Part Two

Progress! The connection was made with the organiser, Michelle, from the Southside and Northside Farmers Markets. Our plan is to meet up on Saturday to have chat. In my initial email to Michelle I described my project idea and she seemed pretty excited. She is very passionate in educating consumers about seasonal foods as she believes it’s essential to changing shopping, eating and meal planning habits that are fairly well entrenched in our everyday lives.

To get the ball rolling on this idea Michelle sent me a previous joint project completed about 5 years ago with a CIT Design Class and a local grower, Joyce Wilkie from Allsun Farm, and the result was a huge success. The project was a wallet guide for what’s in season for the Canberra Region.


Southside Farmers Market Seasonal Wallet Guide

Michelle mention she is constantly looking for ways to move forward with the message of seasonal foods and buying locally that maybe a face lift on this idea could somehow be included. I think would fit perfectly into my project. Maybe instead of creating a food waste website (which there are plenty good one out their already) I redesign the Canberra wallet seasonal guide which could be downloaded as a digital version onto smartphones as well as printed out for your wallet. How might this relate to the bags? Well, maybe the bags becomes more of promotional tool to advertise this guide, to prompt people that this resource is available, to hopefully educate and get people to act. I have some thinking to do.


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