Meeting with Michelle

Today I was able to grab a coffee (roasted locally in Canberra) with Michelle the organiser for the Southside and Northside Farmers Markets to discuss her thoughts on the wallet seasonal guide and what other ideas she might have on the topic.

We talked about a few ideas with the main one being an updated edition of the Southside’s seasonal guide. It comes as good timing as they have run out of the current edition. I mentioned the idea of having a digital version (possibly with more details and information) as well as the print version which folds neatly into a standard wallet size. It was mentioned that the current website would also be getting an upgrade, so this could be good timing. Michelle was also interesting in the possibly of getting stall holders to use QR codes. I did a quick google search and there are free options in generating your own code that links to a webpage.

An extension on the guide idea is how to possibly take this resource into schools and educate the next generation. Some schools are making an effort with vegetable patches and alike but are possibly missing out on learning that some fruit and vegetables are not available all year round unless you purchase from an overseas supplier at the supermarket? Maybe the guide needs extra information about how to preserve certain foods so that you can have them all year round? Another idea discussed was creating a local cookbook that was arranged by seasons emphasising which fruit and vegetables would be available at that time.

So the next step is deciding what I can realise by the deadline.


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