Crunch time..

With only 5 weeks to go and nothing really to show for it except a few blog posts, it was crunch time. I decided that since I was able to make a connection with the Southside and Northside Farmers Markets and Michelle was looking for something in particular (the seasonal guide) and I had to skills to help her, it was a good match. Once the decision was made I set about noting down the aspects of the current guide and the examples of what I found appealing and bits I could improve on.

The current guide is compact and neat in the way it folds and appropriate size. I will probably look to keep these proportions as the users are use to this size and it seems to work. Why try and reinvent the wheel. One thing I would like to do a little different is show picture of the fruit and vegetables as some customers might not know what all the produce looks like. I know I didn’t.


The “What’s in Season, New York” guide has a sense of beauty in the hand drawings. I might just be a sucker for sketches as I have a background in drawing, but I find that that sometimes hand drawings/ art create stronger emotions. What I liked in this example was the way the produce was shown. In my guide however I would like to use colour as it will add more recognition to sketches that are just black and white. What I also liked was the way the produce was depicted “in season” by the coloured blocks. However, I found the blocks a little hard to read as I had to continually keep checking I was reading the colours and season right. Website:



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