Project meeting review

In preparation for our final presentation everyone did a dress rehearsal at our last project meeting.  As I was still finalising a few design issues in my project I wasn’t as fully prepared as I would have liked. I did have a few notes jotted down and at the end got feedback that will help me focus my explanation on my project for the rest of the class and special guests.

1. Motivation and aims of the project: My project was redesigning the Southside Farmers Market Seasonal Wallet Produce Guide. The current guide was designed about 6 years ago through a joint collaboration with CIT. My project was more connecting to communities and how I might be able to use my skills to help. My project does have a lack of “digital” design processes, except for the computer design tools I used to create it. Why did I choose this topic? Because I was interesting in food waste and one step towards reducing food waste is helping people understand the benefit to buy locally and in season. INFO: Find some stats.

2. Background: Michelle didn’t have any design guidelines or general ideas so I jumped onto Google to get some inspiration. Looking at the current version, the main design feature I wanted to keep was the physical dimensions and the way it folded up. It’s a very compact and neat way of storing within a wallet or bag. Michelle mentioned that the photos on the guide were taken by the CIT student of produce at the markets. For me however, I was inspired by the hand drawn version of the “What’s in Season, New York” guide. However, I wanted to depict the colour of the fruit and vegetables to add a bit more recognition for customers that didn’t know what some produce looked like. I had to even google a few. Another design feature I liked about this chart was the use of a bar graph to show when it was in season. However, I modified mine so that for each item there would be 12 little bars, one for each month. It would start in March and go through to February, the reason being as I added colours to represent seasons to hopefully add to readability.

3. Methods: Having a background in hand drawing from my Architectural studies, I wanted to incorporate my strengths into my project. Plus I’m not very good at photography and I knew I wouldn’t be able to take photos of all the produce due to them being out of season. So sketching the fruit and vegetables became a win win situation. From there I was able to scan, colour in Photoshop and put it all together in InDesign. EVALUATION: send copies to friends, family, work, uni class and Michelle for comment.

4. Discussion of results: As far as providing the information when produce is in season and what it looks like for those unfamiliar with it, was successful. Also be able to see all the vegetables together and compare when they were available was a different way to how it was previously shown. FEEDBACK: Who and how will people use it? A lot of families go to the markets so maybe look at it being an educational tool/ game??

5. Future directions: I would like to create a digital version of this that could be attached to the Southside  Farmers Market’s website. I was thinking some kind of smart phone app but I don’t have the skills in that area. However, I did get into contact with Paul Krix, who did this subject last time and he did design a web based app on the same topic with the addition of users being able to find recipes based on the chosen item. A possible in joint venture together or if someone else wanted to bring it all together could be the next step. I know Michelle was quite keen on a digital version as well as physical, and was looking into the idea of a cook book that was arranged by seasonal recipes so that someone could buy all the ingredients for one meal at the markets and not have to head to the supermarket.


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